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141009 Tablo says “Save all the children of the world!”

source: naver

Save The Children’s ambassador participated in the “2014 International Children’s Marathon”.

He stated that “Just like my daughter Haru received a lot of love from people I’d like it if they were as interested and lent help to children from all over the world”

“I wish if I heard the news earlier and I’m disappointed I couldn’t participate in the run, hearing that many people showed up since since the morning and put a lot of good work in cheering and running So i had to be here ” he added.

“I feel like me and Hyejung became ambassadors with Haru’s birth, back then we were having a hard time both career wise and personally, we were able to overcome these hardships with the beauty and warmth Haru’s birth gave us. That’s when I realized how important having children is and how they influence our lives powerfully. The reason i became an ambassador is because I felt sorry by how busy we adults are to spend time with children. I feel really happy to see that many people are doing that more now”

“After raising my own child I feel like I know the suffering and pain that goes with it and I can’t imagine how much harder other parents had it. I’d like to tell parents especially mothers that no matter how hard it gets it’s all worth for putting a smile on children’s faces”

“As parents we can’t change the world overnight and we’ll have to take it slowly to see a change.”

“I’d like to see more people join Save The Children to make a difference together and I’m glad I could be a part of the change and that I helped drawing the smiles on many people’s faces today”


this is my second project for my comic storytelling class in which a human woman gets hired to be a grim reaper.


250 ways to say ‘went’
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250 ways to say ‘went’

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People love to forget Michael Jackson’s blackness

people love to think that Michael Jackson forgot his blackness

People love to pretend to forget that Michael Jackson’s autopsy results showed that he DID have a skin disease and never “dyed” his skin.